4 ways to Maintain Consistency

Are you fed up making a commitment you can’t keep to yourself? Like start a business, hit the gym, save more money, stop being a mediocre person, quit your current relationship or start that new project etc. We feel the need to do it and you know you must but for some reason, you keep postponing it to the last minute and it never gets done.

This is how the human brain prevents us from achieving what we need to sometimes. The human brain is a great asset but also our greatest enemy. You need to control your thoughts in order to control your life. But you don’t need to worry as it’s not only in your head, but getting started on something is hard.

You will never feel like doing it, there is never a right time and you will never be ready. Just start and push yourself and get started. Once you have started it is easy to get lazy and procrastinate on it. That is why am sharing these tricks that will help you maintain your consistency.

Do small things each day

If you try to do big tasks and focus too much on the bigger picture you might get discouraged. For example, if you want to start working out, forget about the hours of workout and instead do 10 minutes on the treadmill and five-minute pushups. This method applies to anything and when you see those small wins you will be proud of yourself and will keep going.

Celebrate your wins

You small wins might not make a big difference. But according to Harvard University business school, recognising your small progress every day is the key to productivity and happiness. To celebrate your small wins, reward yourself with something that will contribute to your objective. For example, if you had finally fight your fears and went to the gym for the first time, reward yourself with a full body massage the coming Saturday.

Count Small Numbers

Progress can be measured by how much you have done and how much is left to do. The University of Chicago pointed out that you will be more motivated to keep going if you focus on the smaller of two numbers. For example, focus on the 5kg you have already lost instead of the 15kg more to go. Every action will feel more impactful when compared in small numbers.

Progress Tracker  

We are bombarded with mobile apps and if you dig deep you might get a useful one. There are so many applications for Android or iPhone that can track your progress. Download and install it on your mobile and fill it with every small task you need to complete. Look at it several times a day and attack them one by one. Research shows seeing your progress and how much you completed inspires you to keep pushing.

4 ways to Maintain Consistency
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