Do More Than You Get Paid For
Did you know that it is easy to succeed today? It is simple if you want to get ahead in life just go the extra mile. There is no competition on the extra mile because very few people go there.

If you are willing to do more than you get paid for you will soon be on the extra mile. How many people do you know who are willing to do more than they get paid for? None right?

Most people don’t like to do what they get paid for and a second category just do it just to keep their job. Only a small amount of the population is willing to do more than they get paid for.

Regardless of where you work, by doing more you will make yourself more valuable. This will give you more confidence and of course, people will start looking at you as their leader as their trust in you will increase constantly.

Your superiors will start to respect you and give you more power to lead others or even a higher position. You will be very proud of yourself and you will want to do more and more. There is no competition on the extra mile.

In this new age, hardworking people are in demand everywhere around the world. Regardless of age, academic qualifications or experience. Companies are looking for people who can work without supervision, who will do the job as described with consideration.

Who has a straight mind and will tell the truth in any matter which may arise. Workers who are result oriented rather than task oriented.

If we apply this to our life in general, you should always think in terms of giving more to your customers, spouse, friends, parents or children. This is how you add value to others by increasing your own value in the process.

As from now on In all that you do, just add some more to it. You will see a tremendous impact on the results.

Why do you think highly intelligent people, often with impressive academic qualifications are living failures? Because they are experts at why things will never work for them, as a result of this repetitive though becomes a belief.

They are just satisfied with their 9 to 5 job without doing more in their lives. That is why they are living failures. When you do more than you get paid for, you kill your competition and you become your own competition. This attitude alone has more value than any intelligence or degree.

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