How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress-Best Ways

Anxiety and Stress


How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress, Perhaps no other word is so well known and so constantly passed around as the words “anxiety,” “depression,” and “stress.” But while these words have been making the rounds of the worlds of young adults – and even children – these days, it comes as a mammoth surprise how little people actually know of their connotations. Most of the people, most of the time, will know that they are suffering from a severe case of anxiety and depression but will hardly ever know what to do next. Knowledge pertaining to anxiety and depression usually ends at just being aware of the problem – as, for the solution, it is bare to be seen.

Adults have always had the most complaints regarding their being depressed but as we move on we find an alarming number of young adults and children joining the brigade of the depressed and the stressed. In most of the cases the cause of stress and anxiety is not difficult to put down either – financial problems, childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress, loss of a loved one, failure – there is an entire list of things that could cause stress and anxiety in a person. And while it is important, most certainly, to point out what the root cause of depression really is, what is equally important and is totally dismissed is the solution – people often focus on the cause, and the effect, but never the solution.

This is exactly where the misplaced priority lies and needs to be corrected – and it needs to be corrected immediately for anxiety and stress are phenomena that gradually and eventually break a person down completely. Before that breaking point is reached, it is imperative that such depressing phenomena are dealt with accordingly.

It is easy to identify feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety. The symptoms are telltale and all too common as of today – there is a general feeling of dejection and sadness, the person feels the constant need to isolate himself, doesn’t talk to people or sit with people or hang around people in general, and lacks both in his sleep and nutrition. People suffering from the like might not know instantly that there is something off, but over time it becomes evident that there is a perpetual feeling of unhappiness that surrounds them, topped with nervousness, helplessness, worthlessness, and other such feelings.

Generally, the aura is negative, pessimistic, and cynical. Silver linings are not to be seen and optimism becomes an archaic concept. These are people for whom the glass is either half empty, or poisoned, or simply not there. A sense of loss envelops them and failure seem to overshadow all achievements. And while such people might be shunned and written off as “melodramatic,” depression, stress, and anxiety are all too real and all too problematic to be brushed under the carpet so fleetingly. If and as soon as a person realizes he is a victim of anxiety – or even if people around him realize such – he needs to be cured of the devil’s disease: because the longer one stays under grey clouds, the more he is prone to delve into grey areas better not penetrated if one’s own welfare is dear.

So how exactly do you overcome anxiety or work towards curing it if you realise you’re a victim? Well, a visit to the therapist or a psychiatrist does sound like a good enough idea but here’s a list of things that will better help you in taking care of yourself – and none of these tidbits will force you to open up in front of a person when you’d rather drown in the depths of self-pity.


It might sound odd, yes, but exercising not only relaxes your muscles – it relaxes your body in its entirely. Exercising has always been good for the body, good for the soul, and good for the spirit. Take out half an hour – just a measly 30 minutes – from your daily routine and work those muscles off. Let the heat out – and pull the fresh air in.


Meditation is not known for its therapy like effects for nothing. Meditating for even 20 minutes each morning will let you revel in a sense of calmness and serenity as you never felt before. Yoga is a perfect medium of cure when it comes to stress that as spread to all parts of your body – remember, when the heart is sick, you need to sit back and let it all out into thin air. Yoga or meditation offers a great therapy for those under stress.


This might sound harsh – but you need to cut down on caffeine intake. Drop coffee. Drop tea. Go with water or juices. Alcohol and caffeine can technically infuriate and stress you further – which is something you do not want happening to you.


Yes, stress and anxiety do make you want to not eat, not do anything basically, but you do need to eat and eat properly. Do not skip meals, no matter how badly you want to. Go with your proper intake of meals, and keep your body in perfectly nutritious balance. A healthy body is a key to a healthy spirit – and stress sickens the spirit as well as the body. Work on feeding both!


Even if you are not drowsy. Just lie down. Close your eyes. Try and go into that sweet place called dreamland and forget about your fears for once. Sleep is an extremely important factor in people’s health and especially for people who suffer from anxiety and stress. These people usually end up patients of insomnia and with huge eye bags which make them look like half vampires and half zombies – lack of sleep also is ill for your general health. It makes you cranky, and even angrier. Not to mention less energetic. You will feel drowned, exhausted, and more stressed out than normal. It is a fact well known that proper sleep leads to a proper functioning of the body – and leads to a proper cure for anxiety as well!

Thank you for reading.

How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress-Best Ways
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