Belief System of Success – How to Win at Life

What do you do when your Mac or PC starts to slow down? You remove unwanted applications and maybe you will perform a full cleaning process.

But what do you do if the problem persists?

Then, I think the only way to make your pc work faster is to reinstall the operating system too and after, those other applications that you will need to get your work done.

The same thing applies to us humans. Our brain is our operating system and what sometimes slow us down are our beliefs or our “applications” if you like.

So many of us do not move ahead because we do not accept new ways of doing things, meaning uninstalling and reinstalling new applications.

Many tend to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. That’s BS you know it.

In this new age, you need to have an extremely open mind. Meaning you never should be satisfied with what you read, watch on TV or what your peers tell you to do.

We need to listen and learn yes, but always keep an open mind as new discoveries and ideas always emerge.

If this message resonates with you and you feel the need to move ahead but you can’t then I suggest you re-install your old applications with new ones.

All you know right now has been given to you by the society you live in. You see, what you believe to be true will be true for you whether it’s real or not.

You are not seeing the world as it is but as you think it is.

Whatever you put your mind to, or practice in your mind. Sooner or later the brain will accept it as fact and it will become real in your world.

Your brain can’t differentiate if you plant good seeds or bad seeds, it will run any type of application you install on it.

That is why we always have to keep an open mind and understand that we all have different applications install inside our brain.

We should “Agree to disagree” and not blow up each other with missiles.

We all have different applications, meaning “beliefs”, and that is exciting because we can learn from each other. The internet made it possible in so many ways.

The world is changing and news, ideas, and speculations emerge every day which might disrupt what you believe to your core and sometimes may be hard to take in.

Just like we have ancient texts dating thousands of years in every part of the world with epic stories of battle and miracles happening in every story.

I believe that we can learn a great deal with these ancient texts, but we actually don’t know what really happened at a 100% back in those days.

Just like when something happens there will always be people who will add to it and make it more interesting for their own sake,

the same could have happened to these ancient texts, that’s why we need to keep an open mind to what’s possible in this infinite universe we live in.

So, my point is you should adapt to change and if you need to reinstall your belief system to be able to, then you are most welcome to do it.

Finally, it all comes down to the fact that if you are not evolving in terms of your mindset, your fitness or relations you will not survive to thrive.

In this new age, Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. like Stephen Hawking said.

Things change and you need to keep an extremely open mind and welcome new ideas, it will change your life.

Belief System of Success – How to Win at Life
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