Time is something that runs out eventually whether we like it or not. Even if you are the richest or the poorest man on the planet, time will catch up with you. No one and nothing can beat time, it never stops!

You might think that you have plenty of time left to do what you want to do while you are alive but let’s see the numbers. The average human life is 80 years, this is only 959 months, which is only 29,200 days, which is only 700800 hours, which is only 42048000 in minutes, which is 2522880000 in seconds.

Yes, in these numbers are your lifespan. Those 2522880000 seconds is your life and it can be shorter than this, to be frank. Time is running out as you are reading this article and you will never get it back.

From my experience, you should spend your precious time very wisely. It can be on the thing you love doing the most, spend quality time with your loved ones, creating the life you desire or make your time here on earth an unforgettable one.

Whatever you choose to spend your time on. Be sure it is worth it and it makes you happy and fulfils your heart and soul. Many people I have witness use most of their precious time dwelling on the past.

Life is about growing and see what we can become. You should use your past as a school and use it to make a better future for yourself. Past mistakes and past failures are what makes you a better version of

I have had some good experiences and some painful ones, and I am grateful for them because it made me who I am today. All these things made me realize that our time here is short, all that will count at the end of your life is how many lives you changed and the love you gave.

Do not make the mistake of living a life of regrets for the love you didn’t give or the things you didn’t do. Use your time here wisely as from now on and focus on the future. Make your time on earth be epic.

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What is intermittent fasting?

What is intermittent fasting?

It is the easiest thing in the world. Lots of people are doing it as it is becoming more and more popular. People are getting amazing results from it and if you are bold enough to try it you will see great results in your overall health. Intermittent fasting is a habit of eating.

There is no restriction to what you are eating or how much you are eating but, it’s more about how you eat. It is basically dividing your time into two windows. You have a fasting window where you don’t consume any calories for an amount of time and you have windows where you can eat anything for an amount of time.

Types of intermittent fasting

There are many types of intermittent fasting windows that exist and I encourage you to do some research and find one that suits your lifestyle and also that suit your health. I also recommend that you are healthy and fit to start intermittent fasting. If you are not sure then I recommend getting advice from a nutritionist to find out more. Continue reading “INTERMITTENT FASTING – PART 2”



In order to understand how our body, gain or lose weight, we must understand how our body uses the food energy.

Since we do not eat food all the time, we have a system of storing food energy in the liver and as body fat for times where we are deprived of food.

Our body needs a continued source of energy for performing basic metabolic functions like the pumping of the heart, the liver and kidneys detoxifying, the lungs sucking air and the brain functioning etc.

Continue reading “INTERMITTENT FASTING – PART 1”



1.  Your Thoughts

The Way you live your life is a direct exhibition of how your mind works. It’s no secret that we never really give much thought to how much our mindset is displayed through our lifestyle every day. The way we carry our moral conduct may not be a visible effect of our thinking but it sure does reflect our thoughts in a very prominent manner.

Judgements are hard to ignore, a person can easily be first judged by their way of life. It is crucial to understand that we must not let our positive thinking be overshadowed by our negative traits in our daily life hence only carrying out things that make a proper impression. Implementing your thinking also helps practice it which strengthens the areas of a thought process you’re putting to practical use.

2. Your Feelings

If you wish to attain positive results, it is important to have a similar attitude. The way you feel will determine the outcome of your efforts and your future success. It is proven by psychologists that having a like-minded attitude towards your work or whatever you are trying to achieve boosts morale and hence keeps you determined and motivated throughout or at least for a long time to actually put strength into achieving your goals.

It is necessary to keep encouraging yourself up not fret over small defeats as total success cannot be achieved by victory throughout. A person who understands this peaks survival during a struggle. Continue reading “THE 4 DRIVERS OF TRANSFORMATION”



Michael Josephson, the founder of Institute of Ethics argues that toxic behaviours and relationships not only make us unhappy; they corrupt our attitudes and dispositions in ways that undermine healthier relationships and prevent us from realising how much better things can be.

There are certain habits that we subconsciously perform in our daily lives and don’t give much thought to the larger impact of these activities. If these behaviours are consistent in our lives, then it leads to a very dysfunctional lifestyle with toxic relationships and ineffective attitudes.

Here’s a list of 5 deadly, poisonous behaviours that we indulge with in our day-to-day lives but don’t notice them:


While making sure your problems are heard and voicing your concerns over any form of unfair treatment is healthy and avoids people taking you for granted, complaining if done unnecessarily and constantly, can become very poisonous. Continue reading “THE 5 DEADLY POISONOUS HABITS”


If you have a burning desire to achieve your goals and become your best self, you need to learn how to ignite your desire. All achievers have a desire, all successes, all meaningful achievement begins with desire. Desire gives you a hunger for action and if you have a burning desire then nothing is going to stop you from becoming a winner, leader or high performer. Desire empowers you to face the challenges of life and make you do things that ordinary people won’t do.

Tips to Increase your Desire


You should know that on the path to success there will be a lot of obstacles, barrier, hardships and great sacrifices you will have to make. To get through these you should always stay focus on the rewards you will get after achieving what you desire. Continue reading “BOOST YOUR BURNING DESIRE TO SUCCEED”

4 ways to Maintain Consistency

Are you fed up making a commitment you can’t keep to yourself? Like start a business, hit the gym, save more money, stop being a mediocre person, quit your current relationship or start that new project etc. We feel the need to do it and you know you must but for some reason, you keep postponing it to the last minute and it never gets done.

This is how the human brain prevents us from achieving what we need to sometimes. The human brain is a great asset but also our greatest enemy. You need to control your thoughts in order to control your life. But you don’t need to worry as it’s not only in your head, but getting started on something is hard.

You will never feel like doing it, there is never a right time and you will never be ready. Just start and push yourself and get started. Once you have started it is easy to get lazy and procrastinate on it. That is why am sharing these tricks that will help you maintain your consistency. Continue reading “4 ways to Maintain Consistency”