If you have a burning desire to achieve your goals and become your best self, you need to learn how to ignite your desire. All achievers have a desire, all successes, all meaningful achievement begins with desire. Desire gives you a hunger for action and if you have a burning desire then nothing is going to stop you from becoming a winner, leader or high performer. Desire empowers you to face the challenges of life and make you do things that ordinary people won’t do.

Tips to Increase your Desire


You should know that on the path to success there will be a lot of obstacles, barrier, hardships and great sacrifices you will have to make. To get through these you should always stay focus on the rewards you will get after achieving what you desire. Continue reading “BOOST YOUR BURNING DESIRE TO SUCCEED”

4 ways to Maintain Consistency

Are you fed up making a commitment you can’t keep to yourself? Like start a business, hit the gym, save more money, stop being a mediocre person, quit your current relationship or start that new project etc. We feel the need to do it and you know you must but for some reason, you keep postponing it to the last minute and it never gets done.

This is how the human brain prevents us from achieving what we need to sometimes. The human brain is a great asset but also our greatest enemy. You need to control your thoughts in order to control your life. But you don’t need to worry as it’s not only in your head, but getting started on something is hard.

You will never feel like doing it, there is never a right time and you will never be ready. Just start and push yourself and get started. Once you have started it is easy to get lazy and procrastinate on it. That is why am sharing these tricks that will help you maintain your consistency. Continue reading “4 ways to Maintain Consistency”