The Mindset to Reach Mastery

Why most people are failures

Many people invest in courses, training, attend seminars and they want to be successful but at the end of their lives, they did not achieve anything.

I found out that the reason most people fail to achieve their set objectives is that they spend most of their time in pastime rather than a profession.

I know that on TV, Magazines, advertisements they all market “Quick Fixes” for everything because the truth simply doesn’t sell.

Since we have received this message so often we now want the magic pill for every problem we have. But you have to remove this idea in your mind because it does not exist.

“The modern world can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery. We’re continually bombarded with promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast, temporary relief, all of which lead in exactly the wrong direction.” – Mastery by George Leonard Continue reading “The Mindset to Reach Mastery”

How to Set Smart Goals 2018 – Goal Setting Motivation

First of all, Happy New Year and may this fresh year be the best year of your life yet.

I am really grateful for all the people who follow me, read my articles and watch my videos.

It means a lot to me that we are on this ride together to create the best life you can have.

In this video, I will share with you some strategy that you can apply for these 365 days.

A coming new year is like an empty book with 365 pages and you are the only person that can write the story you wish to live for these coming fresh days ahead. Continue reading “How to Set Smart Goals 2018 – Goal Setting Motivation”

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success

Do you want to get the success you want; do you want to get the money you want or anything you want?

And to get it by facing defeat again and again without giving up. Then this article is for you.

Decide what you want physically, what you want emotionally and what you want spiritually for yourself.

Decide what type of body you would like to have. Do you want to be strong, do you want to be fit, do you want to have a lot of energy, do you want to have a world-class healthy?

What does all this look like to you? I would suggest you take pen and paper and write down a list all the things you want for yourself.

Continue reading “How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success”

Morning Rituals of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates and More Successful People…

morning routine


Have you ever asked yourself what the most successful people on the planet all have in common?

They all have a consistent and powerful morning ritual. Which means they take care of themselves each morning to be able to perform at their best each day.

A morning ritual will make you proactive instead of reactive. It will prepare you for any unexpected occurrence in your day.

A morning routine will shield you from all negativity and keep you on track and focus during the day.

If you want to go deeper and have a proper step by step 7 days training to develop your morning ritual for success. I recommend you check out the best course available on the internet right now called Morning Ritual Mastery by my friend Stefan. I recommend you check out the course contents.

In this article let’s dive a little deeper and see what the world most successful figure like, DONALD TRUMP, TONY ROBBINS, LADY GAGA, BILL GATES and much more are doing every morning in their lives to be able to play at world class level. Continue reading “Morning Rituals of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates and More Successful People…”

Belief System of Success – How to Win at Life

What do you do when your Mac or PC starts to slow down? You remove unwanted applications and maybe you will perform a full cleaning process.

But what do you do if the problem persists?

Then, I think the only way to make your pc work faster is to reinstall the operating system too and after, those other applications that you will need to get your work done.

The same thing applies to us humans. Our brain is our operating system and what sometimes slow us down are our beliefs or our “applications” if you like.

So many of us do not move ahead because we do not accept new ways of doing things, meaning uninstalling and reinstalling new applications. Continue reading “Belief System of Success – How to Win at Life”

6 Best Habits of Successful People

power of habits

So many times I have been asked what are the habits of successful people that differentiate them from the average people. Successful people get things done and are results oriented and they are the top money earners in today’s society. Everything you do the moment you wake up until you get into bed at night is the results of your habits.

It is very important that you form good habits that will stick rather than being ruled by bad habits. Through discoveries, we have discovered that bad habits are much easier to replace than to unlearn. Habits are formed by repetitions. Everything you do is habits and you should ask yourself what are the habits that will most likely push you forward and adopt those habits.

Here are 6 habits that will take you to the next level if you want to live an extraordinary life: Continue reading “6 Best Habits of Successful People”

Enthusiasm – Your God Within


Today am going to talk about one of my favorite subjects. ENTHUSIASM!!


The word Enthusiasm originates from the Greek word entheos, which means the god within. So it is not a coincidence that enthusiastic people are often the ones who are promoted more often, who gets better results and live happy lives.

Enthusiasm is contagious. You can feel a person’s enthusiasm by the way he talks, body language, his walks or handshake. Continue reading “Enthusiasm – Your God Within”


5 Reasons Why We Don't Achieve Excellence

There are many factors that can cause you to fail. On my personal development path, I came across these factors which can prevent you from getting to where you want to get.

Hopefully, I was able to overcome them and today I will share with you the 5 factors that you will come across on your journey to excellence.

1. Afraid to take risk

If you want to be successful there is no other way around. You have to take calculated risks. The person who never tried anything risky makes no mistakes. But, not making any attempt is, in fact, a bigger mistake than making the attempt and failing.

If you don’t take risks you will lose the opportunities given to you. Take risks, but don’t gamble. Take risks to move ahead in life with your eyes wide open, gamblers take risks with eyes closed. Continue reading “5 REASONS WHY WE DON’T ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE”

Time Tactics of the Greatest

When you see great performers like Madonna, Katy Perry, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer or even Rowan Atkinson. The most successful and interesting people on the planet all had 24 hours just like you and I. Time is all we have and yet most people act as if they have all the time in the world. Most people do not use their time very well. Whether your life is a great life or your business is a great business or a poor life or mediocre business. It is all the results of how you

Time is all we have and yet most people act as if they have all the time in the world. Most people do not use their time very well. Whether your life is a great life or your business is a great business or a poor life or mediocre business. It is all the results of how you

Time is all we have and yet most people act as if they have all the time in the world. Most people do not use their time very well. Whether your life is a great life or your business is a great business or a poor life or mediocre business. It is all the results of how you have use your time until now.

From now on you should make it your mission to manage your time every day without any excuse. As you know very well we live in a time of distractions. Technology is dominating our days, there are notifications everywhere we go, all medias want our attention day and night 24/7. The 2 most common focus killer that put us off our game are distractions and interruptions.

You have 100 emails every day, you go to the store and there are 200 types of shampoo to choose from and of course, we have Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter. All the little bling bling in our lives are preventing us to be productive in the things we are great at. How many times have you put off things you needed to do for something less meaningful? And am sure you regretted it later.

These things make it more important to become a Master of Time. Many people when they get home, instead of starting their project or focusing on their dream plan, they are checking their emails, Facebook or watching meaning fewer TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Tell me one thing, has any movie or TV shows contributed to your future? You are just watching other people being successful in their lives. These distractions give us the feeling of being busy but it’s just time wasted.

I order you right now to shift your complex life to a simple one by focusing only on the things that matter. If something is not contributing to your future, you should disregard it. Instead of having many friends, have a few great friends. Instead of having 10 social profiles, have just 2 or 3. Starting now on, shift your life from complex to simple and you will feel much better I promise.

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