How to Set Smart Goals 2018 – Goal Setting Motivation

First of all, Happy New Year and may this fresh year be the best year of your life yet.

I am really grateful for all the people who follow me, read my articles and watch my videos.

It means a lot to me that we are on this ride together to create the best life you can have.

In this video, I will share with you some strategy that you can apply for these 365 days.

A coming new year is like an empty book with 365 pages and you are the only person that can write the story you wish to live for these coming fresh days ahead. Continue reading “How to Set Smart Goals 2018 – Goal Setting Motivation”

Intermittent Fasting Explained

What is intermittent fasting?

It is the easiest thing in the world. Lots of people are doing it as it is becoming more and more popular.

People are getting amazing results from it and if you are bold enough to try it you will see great results in your overall health.

Intermittent fasting is a habit of eating. There is no restriction to what you are eating or how much you are eating but, it’s more about how you eat.

It is basically dividing your time into two windows. You have a fasting window where you don’t consume any calories for an amount of time and you have windows where you can eat anything for an amount of time.

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The Power of Association


Meet John,

John grew up in a modest family, went to college, the university got a job in a big corporation and his family was proud of his efforts and relentless years of study to get where he is at.

But now, John hit a plateau. After years of working he had lost his determination to go fiercely through life or even learning relentlessly as before.

He even became fat, unhealthy, started smoking, drinking alcohol and spending most his time in nightclubs with his colleagues who were, of course, the same type of people.

Meaning fat, unhealthy, smoker, drinker etc. If you feel like John, then listen carefully. If not, then you might become like John too so, you better listen. Continue reading “The Power of Association”

Morning Rituals of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates and More Successful People…

morning routine


Have you ever asked yourself what the most successful people on the planet all have in common?

They all have a consistent and powerful morning ritual. Which means they take care of themselves each morning to be able to perform at their best each day.

A morning ritual will make you proactive instead of reactive. It will prepare you for any unexpected occurrence in your day.

A morning routine will shield you from all negativity and keep you on track and focus during the day.

If you want to go deeper and have a proper step by step 7 days training to develop your morning ritual for success. I recommend you check out the best course available on the internet right now called Morning Ritual Mastery by my friend Stefan. I recommend you check out the course contents.

In this article let’s dive a little deeper and see what the world most successful figure like, DONALD TRUMP, TONY ROBBINS, LADY GAGA, BILL GATES and much more are doing every morning in their lives to be able to play at world class level. Continue reading “Morning Rituals of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates and More Successful People…”

How to Acquire Great Wisdom – Words of Wisdom


Let’s talk about wisdom, which is the quality of having Knowledge, experience, good judgment and the quality of being wise.

The thing is wisdom is not necessarily earned through age.

Since I started my personal development journey I have met a great amount unwise 80 years old and some wise 40 years old.

I’ve learned that wisdom is earned through awareness. Continue reading “How to Acquire Great Wisdom – Words of Wisdom”

How to be Healthy Like a Shark

Did you know that Sharks apparently are according to studies, the only animal that never gets sick?

As far as is known, they are immune to every known disease including cancer. You must be wondering why.

Sharks, like other oceanic species, feed on food their mother provided, and by mother I mean mother nature.

For millions of years’ sharks have been eating what is good and readily available for their health to be able to reproduce successfully.

Now let’s get out of the sea and come on land, do you have the body that you would like to have? Continue reading “How to be Healthy Like a Shark”

6 Best Habits of Successful People

power of habits

So many times I have been asked what are the habits of successful people that differentiate them from the average people. Successful people get things done and are results oriented and they are the top money earners in today’s society. Everything you do the moment you wake up until you get into bed at night is the results of your habits.

It is very important that you form good habits that will stick rather than being ruled by bad habits. Through discoveries, we have discovered that bad habits are much easier to replace than to unlearn. Habits are formed by repetitions. Everything you do is habits and you should ask yourself what are the habits that will most likely push you forward and adopt those habits.

Here are 6 habits that will take you to the next level if you want to live an extraordinary life: Continue reading “6 Best Habits of Successful People”


5 Reasons Why We Don't Achieve Excellence

There are many factors that can cause you to fail. On my personal development path, I came across these factors which can prevent you from getting to where you want to get.

Hopefully, I was able to overcome them and today I will share with you the 5 factors that you will come across on your journey to excellence.

1. Afraid to take risk

If you want to be successful there is no other way around. You have to take calculated risks. The person who never tried anything risky makes no mistakes. But, not making any attempt is, in fact, a bigger mistake than making the attempt and failing.

If you don’t take risks you will lose the opportunities given to you. Take risks, but don’t gamble. Take risks to move ahead in life with your eyes wide open, gamblers take risks with eyes closed. Continue reading “5 REASONS WHY WE DON’T ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE”


Do More Than You Get Paid For
Did you know that it is easy to succeed today? It is simple if you want to get ahead in life just go the extra mile. There is no competition on the extra mile because very few people go there.

If you are willing to do more than you get paid for you will soon be on the extra mile. How many people do you know who are willing to do more than they get paid for? None right?

Most people don’t like to do what they get paid for and a second category just do it just to keep their job. Only a small amount of the population is willing to do more than they get paid for. Continue reading “ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN YOU GET”


Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world is famously known for his investing strategies.
During an annual meeting session in 2008 at Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett was asked about the best investment he ever made. And his reply was “The most important investment you can make is to yourself”. You are your only best asset. If you focus on investing in yourself, you can become one of the greatest people on the planet. So, what are the best ways you can invest in yourself?

1. Set Goals

Learn how to set personal goals for yourself. You need to know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. If you have not set goals yet, then it is like you are going through life blindly. It like a car with now driver to guide it and soon it will crash somewhere along the way. Stop wasting time and start setting SMART goals (SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIMELY).

2. Read Read Read

Reading is the most important thing you can start to invest in yourself. Reading is life changing and life change starts when you educate yourself through books. We can now consume information in many other ways such as listening to audiobooks, watching videos or even have an e-reader. These are now very practical ways to consume information literally anywhere if you do not have time to sit at home and read.

3. Get a Coach

Who you associate with is who you become sooner or later. My advice to you is to find someone who is mastering a specific area of life and find a way to associate with that person. If you want to be in great shape find someone who has the results you want for your body and learns from them. If you want to have a multi-million-dollar business, find some who already achieved that and associate yourself with that person. Apply this strategy to any area of life you wish to invest in. I personally have mentors for each area of my life. They do so by books, virtual or in person, it doesn’t matter as long as you are consuming their experience, information, and values.

In this information age, there are many ways to invest in yourself. The list above is a great way to start though. When you invest in yourself you will see things you never imagined happen for you. A world of opportunities will open up. You will become emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially the best version of yourself. This is a never ending process that will make you one of the greatest person on the planet.