How to be Healthy Like a Shark

Did you know that Sharks apparently are according to studies, the only animal that never gets sick?

As far as is known, they are immune to every known disease including cancer. You must be wondering why.

Sharks, like other oceanic species, feed on food their mother provided, and by mother I mean mother nature.

For millions of years’ sharks have been eating what is good and readily available for their health to be able to reproduce successfully.

Now let’s get out of the sea and come on land, do you have the body that you would like to have? Continue reading “How to be Healthy Like a Shark”

6 Best Habits of Successful People

power of habits

So many times I have been asked what are the habits of successful people that differentiate them from the average people. Successful people get things done and are results oriented and they are the top money earners in today’s society. Everything you do the moment you wake up until you get into bed at night is the results of your habits.

It is very important that you form good habits that will stick rather than being ruled by bad habits. Through discoveries, we have discovered that bad habits are much easier to replace than to unlearn. Habits are formed by repetitions. Everything you do is habits and you should ask yourself what are the habits that will most likely push you forward and adopt those habits.

Here are 6 habits that will take you to the next level if you want to live an extraordinary life: Continue reading “6 Best Habits of Successful People”


5 Reasons Why We Don't Achieve Excellence

There are many factors that can cause you to fail. On my personal development path, I came across these factors which can prevent you from getting to where you want to get.

Hopefully, I was able to overcome them and today I will share with you the 5 factors that you will come across on your journey to excellence.

1. Afraid to take risk

If you want to be successful there is no other way around. You have to take calculated risks. The person who never tried anything risky makes no mistakes. But, not making any attempt is, in fact, a bigger mistake than making the attempt and failing.

If you don’t take risks you will lose the opportunities given to you. Take risks, but don’t gamble. Take risks to move ahead in life with your eyes wide open, gamblers take risks with eyes closed. Continue reading “5 REASONS WHY WE DON’T ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE”


Do More Than You Get Paid For
Did you know that it is easy to succeed today? It is simple if you want to get ahead in life just go the extra mile. There is no competition on the extra mile because very few people go there.

If you are willing to do more than you get paid for you will soon be on the extra mile. How many people do you know who are willing to do more than they get paid for? None right?

Most people don’t like to do what they get paid for and a second category just do it just to keep their job. Only a small amount of the population is willing to do more than they get paid for. Continue reading “ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN YOU GET”


Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world is famously known for his investing strategies.
During an annual meeting session in 2008 at Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett was asked about the best investment he ever made. And his reply was “The most important investment you can make is to yourself”. You are your only best asset. If you focus on investing in yourself, you can become one of the greatest people on the planet. So, what are the best ways you can invest in yourself?

1. Set Goals

Learn how to set personal goals for yourself. You need to know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. If you have not set goals yet, then it is like you are going through life blindly. It like a car with now driver to guide it and soon it will crash somewhere along the way. Stop wasting time and start setting SMART goals (SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIMELY).

2. Read Read Read

Reading is the most important thing you can start to invest in yourself. Reading is life changing and life change starts when you educate yourself through books. We can now consume information in many other ways such as listening to audiobooks, watching videos or even have an e-reader. These are now very practical ways to consume information literally anywhere if you do not have time to sit at home and read.

3. Get a Coach

Who you associate with is who you become sooner or later. My advice to you is to find someone who is mastering a specific area of life and find a way to associate with that person. If you want to be in great shape find someone who has the results you want for your body and learns from them. If you want to have a multi-million-dollar business, find some who already achieved that and associate yourself with that person. Apply this strategy to any area of life you wish to invest in. I personally have mentors for each area of my life. They do so by books, virtual or in person, it doesn’t matter as long as you are consuming their experience, information, and values.

In this information age, there are many ways to invest in yourself. The list above is a great way to start though. When you invest in yourself you will see things you never imagined happen for you. A world of opportunities will open up. You will become emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially the best version of yourself. This is a never ending process that will make you one of the greatest person on the planet.

5 Rules to Win at Life


Who do you want to become?

What is a meaningful life to you?

When you look back at your life when you are 80 years old and you say: Wow, I lived my life fully. I did all that was meaningful to me and I was happy. I am proud to have become the person I am today. I have experienced my life to its full extent. That is a vision. Sit down and think what kind of life you want to be living. What do you want to contribute or what do you want to experience in this life?

Some would say “I don’t have a vision for myself.” It doesn’t work like that. Some people do have that moment of revelation. Some people have an awakening, but for most people, it requires hard work and persistence. Continue reading “5 Rules to Win at Life”

Change is hard, but not impossible!

change is hard

Some people try to avoid change not knowing that it is the only way to discover their true potential and live a life fully lived. We all know those people who set big resolutions at the end of the year and we all know that a small percentage of these people actually do keep their promises. Why? Simply because change is hard, yet change is growth. Change is uncomfortable, messy and scary. We live in a world where many of us have the lottery mentality, we want instant results.

Change takes time, for some people it might take days and for some, years. But I guaranty it is worth it. The habits that we struggle most to change are Start a diet plan, go to the gym, Smoking, Alcohol, Violence, Worry, Mediocrity, Laziness, Eating etc.

Limiting beliefs can sometimes be the greatest enemy for most people. It is the beliefs that we adopt as a child. The things our culture taught us, like eating, dressing, behaving a certain way and when we grow up we realise that it is the wrong way and due to the fact that we have been doing the same wrong way for years, it is very difficult to make the change.

As you decide to start a positive change for your life just remember that change Is a process. Break it down into steps and follow them accordingly. Surround yourself with supportive people, this will bring you great support and make you stronger. Another thing that works great is to tell everyone around you which change you are going to make. This will make you more accountable and put a lot more pressure on you.

10 Weight Loss Benefits & Bonus Weight Loss Program

Weight loss programs

1. Your hormones normalise:

Yes, it is true. When you lose weight with the help of any weight loss program fat is lost from your body cells. They shrink and decrease in size and as a result, they normalise in their functions and ways they work. Obesity and being overweight brings a lot of health diseases and issues. Most people face a lot of trouble with the normal functioning of their body, their metabolism and their hormones while being overweight.

Obesity directly leads to hormonal imbalance. Hence losing weight would not only make you look good rather it will also make you free of many unwanted diseases and the dangerous disorders that your hormones face with the entire extra fat in your body. Although beautiful looks and toned body is the best result of losing weight, enhanced body efficiency with optimum body hormonal level is a treat.

2. Alert mental activity:

The well-being of your mental state is directly related to the way you feel in your skin and the way you look up to your body. Losing weight makes your brain happy. When that old dress of yours, bought years ago, which stopped fitting because of the junk inside your trunk, starts fitting again and at the same time you look equally good in it as much as you did at the time when it was bought; the joy you feel is unparalleled.

It makes your brain happy and a happy and awake brain means enhanced mental activity. You start to work more efficiently. Your productivity is automatically increased. You start putting more effort into the things you are involved in. Hence, it is proven that losing weight doesn’t only help you with your metabolism, hormones and appearance but it also plays a significant role in aiding into the activity of your brain.

3. Brighter complexion:

Believe it or not but losing weight improves your complexion. When all those toxins and extra fats are finally flushed out of your body, your actual skin colour returns. Yes, I mean it. Obesity and the extra junk that you carry in your body darken your complexion. You get to face a lot of skin issues as well other disorders in the body.

Therefore, losing weight will not only free you from the unwanted diseases that you develop due to all that junk but it will also lighten your complexion and you will feel brighter and better because when you lose weight, you watch out your diet and the indulgence of fresh vegetables and fruits, different smoothies and all the greens will help you regain your lost freshness and the beauty of your skin and your beautiful complexion.

4. Sound sleep:

Weight loss improves your sleep cycle. The lighter you feel the better is your sleeping schedule and related habits and it has been proven true in many cases. Losing weight makes you feel at peace and as a result of which your sleeping pattern is ordered.

5. Better walk:

The lighter you feel, the better you walk. The efficiency of physical activity is directly related to your body weight and mobility. As you keep on shedding the extra pounds, you start feeling lighter, your physical activity is increased, the joints pain and all the muscle aches which were due to the extra weight that you would carry around vanishes and you start feeling better. So you better start moving for a healthy you. It is all in your hands. You can change you.

6. Better blood pressure:

Losing weight actually, stabilizes your blood pressure. Your heart is saved. You actually escape the untimely cardiac diseases. The lighter you become, the better is your cardiovascular system. It is all related to your weight, your blood pressure, your heart’s well-being and the efficacy of your blood flow. Extra pounds can usually take you towards developing many cardiac diseases and you are actually at risk to many dangerous attacks but as you shed away all those unwanted pounds you actually save yourself from all the diseases and complications which you could have possibly faced in future, had you not paid heed in time.

7. Lesser crap, more health:

When you start losing weight, you release the extra toxins that you have stocked up since long in your body by feeding it with the unhealthy rubbish and as a result, you start seeing the freshness, improvement of the systems and betterment of metabolism with time when it keeps on throwing the unwanted toxins.

Therefore, do it. For the sake of your safety because losing weight will not only make you look slimmer and thinner but will help you release your body from the cage off so many complications that come unknowingly with all this extra fat you carry in your trunk.

8. Balance in life:

Losing weight gives you a pattern. You become more organised. You start planning your meals. You note down your day’s activities. Weight loss gives you a sense of accountability which makes you answerable to your very own self. When you realise that you have to be facing our own self, you become careful and make conscious efforts in order to improve. This sense of accountability makes you well-balanced and manages your life. As a result of which, there is a lot of improvement in terms of managing the day’s activities which lead you to better food choice.

9. No stress – relief and a lot of peace:

It is true, weight loss helps you fight with depression. Many studies and researches have shown it that usually, the cause of depression and anxiety is the extra junk in your trunk that you carry. Being overweight makes you sluggish; it makes you lazy and brings a lot of panic attacks. The extra pounds make you conscious about your looks which make you feel bad how you appear in the social circle.

When you lose weight, you get a sense of clarity in your cloudy head. You become more relaxed, you achieve a lot of relief. There is a lot of confidence in your personality, your self-esteem is boosted and you get the strength to face the worldly issues and life’s problems and not feel bad about anything. Losing weight is a stress reliever. The lighter you get, the happier you become and the more effectively you take part in all your life’s activities. Hence, it not only helps you manage your inner confidence it also improves your life’s drama.

10. Overall effect:

Losing weight helps you move towards a healthy lifestyle. You become toned. You get slimmer. People would not even recognise your new looks because when you free yourself from all the unwanted fats that are stuck around your body, you improve a lot. You become a new you, there is a different version of yours. The overall effect that losing weight puts on your body is commendable; you improve in your activities, your efficiency is raised, your mental activity is multiplied, you develop more confident, your self-esteem is increased; in short, there is always a better and beautiful impact on your life whenever you step towards improving it.

Weight loss is one aspect towards leading a healthy and prosperous life. When you start losing weight, you actually put efforts in raising your life’s standards and when you do so, there are improved results by the end of it awaiting you. Losing weight does not only mean a slimmer or toned body, defined figure and improved features but actually has a positive impact on your life’s quality. It keeps you healthy and active as you proceed on with shedding the extra pounds away from the body.

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Now take a second to imagine this:

How much better would life be without the stubborn body fat that weighs down your health and future?

Let me fuel your imagination with a success story. After losing several dress sizes, Regina wrote us that she simply couldn’t stop dancing…alone at home, sitting in her office chair, even while socialising with friends in public. She put it beautifully…

“My body—and even my soul—feel so light that I’m always dancing because I enjoy the new me too much to keep still.”

Can you imagine how wonderful that must feel? Can you believe that could be you?

Do yourself a favour. Make the transition from fantasy to reality today.

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Always Stay Great!


How to Stop Procrastinating and Succeed



What is procrastination?
Simply put, Procrastination is the enemy you need to destroy. Procrastination is the action of not doing the things that are most important to us, like start this new project, start eating healthy, start working out, go on a diet, well everything that you need to do to improve your life. Whenever you want to do all the good stuff for your life, procrastination the resistance kicks in.
Procrastination affects every single person on earth, we all have that negative voice in our head.

Next thing you know:
You are checking your notifications
Watching videos on youtube
Doing this, doing that and this chain will lead to something far from the actual job you planned to do in the first place.

Me for example, I fight procrastination every day, I work out 6 times or 7 times a week and I hit the gym each morning at 4am. Every day I hear that negative voice saying, sleep a little more it will be fine and most of us listen to that negative voice, that’s just human nature. But I choose not to listen. The more you give power to procrastination the more often it will attack you/ The more you don’t listen to it and do what you need to, the less power it has on you, and soon enough you will start making progress. Continue reading “How to Stop Procrastinating and Succeed”