Change is hard, but not impossible!

change is hard

Some people try to avoid change not knowing that it is the only way to discover their true potential and live a life fully lived. We all know those people who set big resolutions at the end of the year and we all know that a small percentage of these people actually do keep their promises. Why? Simply because change is hard, yet change is growth. Change is uncomfortable, messy and scary. We live in a world where many of us have the lottery mentality, we want instant results.

Change takes time, for some people it might take days and for some, years. But I guaranty it is worth it. The habits that we struggle most to change are Start a diet plan, go to the gym, Smoking, Alcohol, Violence, Worry, Mediocrity, Laziness, Eating etc.

Limiting beliefs can sometimes be the greatest enemy for most people. It is the beliefs that we adopt as a child. The things our culture taught us, like eating, dressing, behaving a certain way and when we grow up we realise that it is the wrong way and due to the fact that we have been doing the same wrong way for years, it is very difficult to make the change.

As you decide to start a positive change for your life just remember that change Is a process. Break it down into steps and follow them accordingly. Surround yourself with supportive people, this will bring you great support and make you stronger. Another thing that works great is to tell everyone around you which change you are going to make. This will make you more accountable and put a lot more pressure on you.

Change is hard, but not impossible!
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