Exercise is Major for Success

Exercise is major for success

The greatest people on the planet all have one thing in common. You are may be thinking that they are all on top of their game, but it’s not the only similarity. They have many common habits and one of them is that they work out. Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Madonna, Richard Branson the list will never end.

We should not forget that our original way of living is to Explore, Move and Hunt, not to live a sedentary life. We have come to a time in human history that more people feel empty and we are slowly re-thinking our way of living. The old pattern was School-Job-Marry-Die. The new pattern is still forming itself and I can tell you what’s included “Adventure”.

To live a life fully lived, our engine(body) needs to be running at 100% and to achieve that we need to be aware of all the things that we put in our mouths and beware of all the toxic influences that we put in our lives which can mess with our real wealth, our health!

Starting today, include a new exercise habit in your life. Am not telling you to train 2 hours at the gym. Let’s start by 15 minutes every morning. The idea is just to sweat and make your blood circulation improve. I promise you a change in your state of being after a few days.

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Always Stay Great.


Exercise is Major for Success
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