How to be Healthy Like a Shark

Did you know that Sharks apparently are according to studies, the only animal that never gets sick?

As far as is known, they are immune to every known disease including cancer. You must be wondering why.

Sharks, like other oceanic species, feed on food their mother provided, and by mother I mean mother nature.

For millions of years’ sharks have been eating what is good and readily available for their health to be able to reproduce successfully.

Now let’s get out of the sea and come on land, do you have the body that you would like to have?

There is no mystery on how to get in great shape or become healthy like a shark. You just need to move your 600 + muscles in your body more,

which by the way was not given to you to sit in an office 8 hours a day and really pay attention to what you put in your mouth.

So it’s just moving more and eat less crap, right?

Most people act as if they don’t know how to lose weight and they complicate it just as an excuse not to follow any diet.

Now let me explain what I mean by putting less crap in your body.

The food industry, packaging, and advertising are always faking you out and you have to be extra smart, in this modern, mass producing world for massive profit intentions only.

Most food products end up having little or no nutritional value once having been stuff with preservatives, additives etc for national and international distribution. All this comes down to you being smart.

Here is a little tip I can give you and if you apply it, you sure will be healthy in no time. Here is the rule, if you buy something and you can’t read the ingredients on the package, don’t eat it!

Still apply this rule even when it’s written low fat, low carbs, low sugar etc. Those are marketing descriptions, not food descriptions to make you believe that it is no harm to consumers.

Whatever they have taken out of the food has been replaced by artificial flavours or chemicals to make the taste more addictive so that you would buy more of it for years to come, that’s called food technology!

Here is a rule to think about, if mother made it, by mother I mean mother nature, it then it’s probably safe to consume but if man made it in a laboratory then it’s probably not safe to consume.

Have you ever heard of a Cake tree, muffin tree, meat tree, chocolate tree?

Well, I guess not! It may have been part of nature before it got processed and lost its nutritional value like hot dogs, sausages, burgers etc.

Listen, you are what you put into your body. When your body is asking for a banana and you give it a coca cola, do you know the pain you are putting your machine (body) through?

Someone once said,  “What tastes good in the mouth turns bitter in the belly”.

Your body is a magnificent machine ever created. Do you even realize that what you put in your mouth is medicine to your body and that your entire system will have to deal with?

And if you eat crap then your system is dealing with chemicals and all the bad stuff you consume.

Once it passes your mouth and goes into your body, it’s war!  your body needs to fight to clean up your mess.

I really urge you to watch the documentary Fed Up, it goes really deep into the pain of families and the science behind how the food industry is lying to us.

If you want your kids and family to have a better health then do not wait to watch it.

Most people care more what their dogs eat without realizing that they are feeding their children with harmful chemicals like it’s the healthiest thing to do.

My advice is to start making good choices with what you fuel your machine with.

It is the only place you have to live and if it crashes, it’s hard to repair and sometimes impossible to get it back.

How to be Healthy Like a Shark
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