What is intermittent fasting?

What is intermittent fasting?

It is the easiest thing in the world. Lots of people are doing it as it is becoming more and more popular. People are getting amazing results from it and if you are bold enough to try it you will see great results in your overall health. Intermittent fasting is a habit of eating.

There is no restriction to what you are eating or how much you are eating but, it’s more about how you eat. It is basically dividing your time into two windows. You have a fasting window where you don’t consume any calories for an amount of time and you have windows where you can eat anything for an amount of time.

Types of intermittent fasting

There are many types of intermittent fasting windows that exist and I encourage you to do some research and find one that suits your lifestyle and also that suit your health. I also recommend that you are healthy and fit to start intermittent fasting. If you are not sure then I recommend getting advice from a nutritionist to find out more.


You should know that some people go for days without any food and has found the amazing benefits. From my point of view, the more you care about your health the more likely you will apply intermittent fasting into your life. Contrary to popular beliefs, eating makes you more tired and fasting gives you more energy. YES, THIS IS HARD CORE PROVEN SCIENCE.

Fasting for 8, 16 or 24 hours is the best thing you can do to renew your health and do good to your body. Our bodies are made to adapt and are smarter than we think. Remember that the cavemen spent days and weeks without food as it was not easy to get food like today.

They needed to hunt and not every day was a happy hunt day or them. This is our original state and our bodies go to its natural state when we fast.

Fasting has some huge effects when it comes to boosting energy as well as protecting your cells. When you are fasting you are increasing your cellular resistance to toxins. Your body goes into a protective state as a measure just in case you are not going to get food in the future.

When you fast for long hours your insulin level goes down and your body starts to burn stored fat as fuel. According to Dr Jason Fung, the body not only burns stored fat but also burn any developing sickness or cancerous cells and burn them as fat for fuel. Amazing right?

Why it’s not so popular?

You cannot make money when people are fasting. You are basically telling people not to eat and so all these big corporations or food industries will never say something positive about intermittent fasting.

when you eat less, the food markets earn less. The more you eat the more money they earn. They will always come with reasons why intermittent fasting is dangerous for your health. But now science is backing it up.

Linden Smith.

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