Law of Attraction Explained – How it Really Works!

Law of Attraction Explained – How it Really Works!

The law of attraction is based on the principle that “like attracts like.” The law of attraction is always working just like the law of gravity, when you drop something it will always go down, it will never go up.

This secret has been passed on for generations throughout the world but very few people actually applying it. The ones who did apply this law became very successful in whatever they wanted to manifest in their lives. And so can you.

I first heard it in “The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale”. He said that “We become what we think about” and from my experience it is very much true.

So, if you think positive thoughts you will get positive results and if you think negative thoughts you will get negative results. The thoughts you carry in your mind will come real for you whether it’s a good thought or a bad one.

The universe has many frequencies and tunes. Your mind is like a magnet and each thought your think sends a signal out into the universe, which gathers similar frequencies before it returns to you.

Now, the returning may take days, months or even years. It all depends on how often you think of the thing desired.

So, your mind can bring you anything you desire. Money, Love, Dream house…anything! On the other side, it also brings war, poverty, hate, terrorism, and evil if you nourish these types of thoughts. So, you must be really careful of what you think about every single day.

The best technique that you can use is “ask, believe and receive”. This involves imagining what you desire and act as if you already have it.

For example, if you write yourself a cheque of $100 and look at it several times each day, you will soon receive that amount for real. Your mind will find it for you because you have sent out a signal through your mind to the universe and you need to get a response.

In most cases when you think about something you desire, the universe will send back frequencies in the form of insights which pop up in your mind. These insights (ideas) are the things you will need to do to receive what you desire.

Now you know what the law of attraction is and how to apply it. If you want to go deeper then I suggest you get The number one book on the subject called “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne”.

Law of Attraction Explained – How it Really Works!
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