How to Build a Rock Hard Character

Your character is the sum total of your beliefs, values, and personality. By analyzing your actions and the way you behave you can get the answer to what type of character you have.

A good character is something you should nourish and preserved just like you would preserve gold or jewel. To be a winner takes a character.  What determines the course of history is not critics, votes or public opinion. It is the character of the leader.

Integrity is a great piece of the puzzle. Life has many pitfalls, and it takes great character not to fall into them and also not to be discouraged by critics. Do you want to know why people want to be successful but hate successful people? When a person

When a person rises above the average, a lot of people try to pull him down.
The chances for a person to be on top of a hill are that he did not get there by chances, it took a lot of effort and a tough climb to get there. This is no difference in life and profession and as a result, the same effort is required to achieve anything.

Critics have always been there on the sidelines. In other words, the underachievers who shout at the doers telling them how to do it right. But always remember, critics are not leaders or doers.

Don’t let criticism distract you from reaching your goals. Most people play it safe to avoid criticism without know that criticism is actually feedback you are thinking outside of the box and that disturb the people around you.

By doing and being nothing, they avoid criticism and guarantee that they remain average. The more you get things done the more you risk being criticized. Frank Clark said, “Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”

No one likes to be criticized, but this is how we learn and grow to build a better character. You should use critics as stepping stones. It takes a great character to listen to our own critics.

Successful people with great character listen and analyses their critics, and if it is a valid one they will make the necessary changes and improve on it. They also ask for honest feedback from close friends or relatives, this is how people with rock hard character behave and grow.

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