How to Set Smart Goals 2018 – Goal Setting Motivation

First of all, Happy New Year and may this fresh year be the best year of your life yet.

I am really grateful for all the people who follow me, read my articles and watch my videos.

It means a lot to me that we are on this ride together to create the best life you can have.

In this video, I will share with you some strategy that you can apply for these 365 days.

A coming new year is like an empty book with 365 pages and you are the only person that can write the story you wish to live for these coming fresh days ahead.

The only way to make the coming 365 days legendary is to set your goals for next year. Goals will keep you focused and make you use your days wisely.

Our time here is limited. We don’t actually know how many days we have left.

So, why not use these clean slate with have been given to write some golden stories that will inspire our kids and future generations.

Personally, this year was the best year of my life yet and I intend to make next year much better.

I did something yesterday and I highly recommend you do the same. Take a piece of paper and write down a list of all the things you want to achieve next year.

It could be to run a 30km Trail, become healthier, lose weight, star in a movie, travel every quarter, write your first book, launch a product.

Your list can be as long as you like but make sure your top priority goals are at the beginning of your list.


It is now time for action because the more you delay the desire will fade and it will soon be a mere vision.

Most people think that all has to be perfect before they start working on a goal but it’s not true.

You have to start where you are with what you have and modify along the way.

People who wait for the right time are just making excuses because deep down inside they don’t have the necessary desire to achieve their goals.


Achievement is supposed to be difficult if it were easy everyone would be an achiever.

It takes guts, courage, sacrifice and from my point of view, this is the way life test you to see how bad you actually want it.

If you want it bad enough, you will face the hardship that comes your way with all your heart and might.

Post Achievement

When you reach a certain goal, let’s say your goal was to accumulate 10,000 USD.

The money is not that important but what’s important is the skills, character and knowledge you developed to be able to reach that goal.

The money or whatever goal you reach; you can give it away for free because you now know how to create it easily by using the skills you gained.

I recommend you apply what I teach in this video because if you don’t you are going to waste another year.

A year is a big chunk of your life and you must cherish it. People who didn’t end their lives with regrets and tears.

I do not with the same for you… I will be on this new ride with you, let’s make it the best year of your life yet.

How to Set Smart Goals 2018 – Goal Setting Motivation
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