Time is something that runs out eventually whether we like it or not. Even if you are the richest or the poorest man on the planet, time will catch up with you. No one and nothing can beat time, it never stops!

You might think that you have plenty of time left to do what you want to do while you are alive but let’s see the numbers. The average human life is 80 years, this is only 959 months, which is only 29,200 days, which is only 700800 hours, which is only 42048000 in minutes, which is 2522880000 in seconds.

Yes, in these numbers are your lifespan. Those 2522880000 seconds is your life and it can be shorter than this, to be frank. Time is running out as you are reading this article and you will never get it back.

From my experience, you should spend your precious time very wisely. It can be on the thing you love doing the most, spend quality time with your loved ones, creating the life you desire or make your time here on earth an unforgettable one.

Whatever you choose to spend your time on. Be sure it is worth it and it makes you happy and fulfils your heart and soul. Many people I have witness use most of their precious time dwelling on the past.

Life is about growing and see what we can become. You should use your past as a school and use it to make a better future for yourself. Past mistakes and past failures are what makes you a better version of

I have had some good experiences and some painful ones, and I am grateful for them because it made me who I am today. All these things made me realize that our time here is short, all that will count at the end of your life is how many lives you changed and the love you gave.

Do not make the mistake of living a life of regrets for the love you didn’t give or the things you didn’t do. Use your time here wisely as from now on and focus on the future. Make your time on earth be epic.

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